Second Shooters

I love shooting weddings, but even more, I love shooting weddings with a second shooter.  It truly makes the day more fun having someone you know to chat with and bounce ideas off of.  And it not only does it take some of the stress off of the day, knowing that you have someone there who can get shots that you might not be able to, but it also pushes me to shoot better.

For instance, I recently shot a wedding with a FANTASTIC wedding photographer, Emily Exon. ( ) I know that she is great at finding interesting light, really capturing a feeling in a special moment, and looking for the details.  Just having her there makes me up my game, trying to come up with shots that I hope will be as good as hers.  Maybe it's just the competitive spirit in me, but I honestly feel that it is a great thing, especially for the client.

I thought that I would just post a few of my favorite shots of Emily's.  I really do appreciate the images that she provides my clients, and the the quality that she brings to the day.  Like I said, having her there really pushes me to elevate my game.