Shane Kuhn

What I love about photography is that it forces me to look at the
world in a new and interesting way.

To make the familiar look interesting to the viewer is the greatest
challenge that keeps me coming back to my camera again and again.

Born and raised around the Edmonton area, I now call Leduc home.
With a love for sports, travel, and a background in architectural design,
many of my photographs are focused around these subjects.  My background
in the custom home design and drafting field gives me an edge with architectural

Whether it’s driving around Alberta, or travelling abroad, I always have
my camera close at hand to capture that stunning image.

One of my favorite types of shots are candids. Capturing people with
their guard down truly reveals the inner self and the feeling of the moment.
These moments are what stand out most in my wedding images and portraits.

I can also be found anywhere there is action, be it roadracing, rodeos,
or a rockin concert.

Services include:
• Individual & Group Portraits
• Newborns
• Weddings
• Sports Teams & Events
• Special Events & Occasions

Along with photography comes post-production.  By using Adobe Lightroom for
all of my photo editing, I am confident that I can get you your perfect image.

I hope that you will find my work as appealing to view as I find it to create.

Send me an email and I would be pleased to provide you with a customized quote.